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JRS Model-in

Within the JRS there are quite a few members involved with railway modelling and that has resulted in a number of layouts that all represent one or more aspects of railways in Japan.

Steam in Japan

Steam in Japan

This page aims to provide information of regular and seasonal steam operations in Japan.

JR and Freight

Riding the vintage EMU Kumoha-42

A Japanese time warp travel experience
By Kenneth Lin

Japan Railways Privatisation Ten years on in 1997

A trip report by Kennith Lin from New York.

The JR Tsurumi Line

Introduction of the Tsurumi line, one of the more unusual EMU services among JR commuter lines in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is a short commuter line that runs in a heavy industrial area located just south of Tokyo on the seacoast of Tokyo Bay.
By Hiroshi Naito

Japanese Railfreight

By Oliver Mayer and Anthony Robins

Private Railways

Major Private Railways

Sotetsu - The Sagami Railway

Oliver introduces Sagami Railway in Yokohama with in-depth descriptions of its background, service and rolling stock. The smallest of the large private railways.
By Oliver Mayer

About Keikyu

Keikyu, one of the typical urban railways, serves the Yokohama and Yokosuka area from Tokyo with a complicated but interesting operation pattern. Oliver writes about its history, services, operations and rolling stock.
By Oliver Mayer

About Tokyu

Oliver focuses on Tokyu, one of the most prosperous private railways in Japan, and profiles its network, service, future and rolling stock.
By Oliver Mayer

Regional Railways

Nagano Dentetsu (Nagano Electric Railway)

Brief introductory information of the Nagano Detetsu running in Zekoji Basin located in the central part of the main island of Japan.
By Hiroshi Naito

Toyohashi Tramway

Toyohashi is a medium sized city on the Tokaido Shinkansen, where a tramway is still in service. The tram system there is rather simple, but peacefully running fairly old tramcars will attract you.
By Hiroshi Naito

Shonan Monorail and Enoshima Electric Railway

A report on two regional rail services in the Shonan area located50 km southwest of Tokyo.
By Hiroshi Naito

Chichibu Railway

Introduction of an attractive regional railway north of Tokyo featuring steam operations and busy freight work.
By Hiroshi Naito

Oigawa Railway

By Hiroshi Naito

Steam Engine C1266 on Mooka Railway

A light tank operated on a third sector railway located about 60 km north of Tokyo.
By Hiroshi Naito


Kyōto Railway Museum

Charles recently paid a visit to the new Kyōto Railway Museum, built on the site of the Umekōji Steam Engine Museum and combing the collections of both the Umekōji Museum and the now closed Modern Transportation Museum formerly in Bentenchō, Ōsaka in a greatly modernised facility.
By Charles Rudd

SCMaglev & Railway Park

The museum of JR Tōkai (Central Japan Railway Co) replacing their former museum at the Sakuma Rail Park.
By Anthony Leith

Otaru Synthesis Museum

A description of Hokkaidō's largest railway museum.
By Alex Morley & Anthony Leith

The Railway Museum at Ōmiya

Description of the newer and immensely popular JR East museum near Ōmiya.
By Hiroshi Naito

The Railway Museum at Ōmiya

Brief Description of the same museum by Tony Atkins.

Shuzenji Romney Railway in Niji-no-Sato, Rainbow Country

An introduction of the Izu-Shuzenji version of R, H&D Railway in the UK.
By Hiroshi Naito

The Tōykō Subway Museum

An introduction of Tōkyō Subway Museum. It is not as well-known as the Transportation Museum, but more than worth the visit.
By Marcel van Dijk

Yokohama Municipal Tramway Museum

By Hiroshi Naito

Nagoya City Tram and Subway Museum

Nagoya once boasted a 108 kms tram network, with 415 cars operating 26 routes. Anthony Robins briefly introduces exhibits of the museum and the background of the tram and subway of Nagoya.

Kaya Steam Locomotive Square (Kaya SL Hiroba)

An introductory report of an interesting outdoor railway museum exhibiting fine antique railway equipment.
By Anthony Robins

Usui Pass Revisited

A report of a visit to the rail theme park, Usui Pass Railway Monument Park, newly opened at Yokokawa in April 1999.
By Naoaki Okada

About Umekōji Steam Engine Museum

Umekōji Roundhouse in Kyōto used to be a major engine depot on the heavily operated Tokaido main line, but now serves as a steam engine museum. With a large steam collection covering almost all classes built just after Japan's modern steam era had begun, the museum offers a good oppotunity to learn about Japanese steam engine heritage. The museum has now been modernised and renamed as the Kyōto Railway Museum and combines the collection of this museum with that from the former Modern Transportation Museum in Bentenchō, Ōsaka in a greatly modernised facility.
By Anthony Robins and Hiroshi Naito

Sakuma Rail Park (Now Closed)

Description of the former JR Tokai Museum, now closed and replaced by the 'SCMAGLEV and Railway Park'.
By Anthony Robins

American Steam Engines Waipahu and Virginia at Nikkō

Two classical American steam engines are spending the rest of their days at the Western Village in Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture Japan.
By Hiroshi Naito

Tōkyō Transportation Museum (now closed)

Brief description of the former JR East museum near Ochanomizu.
By Tony Atkins

Ōsaka Modern Transportation Museum (now closed)

Description of the former JR West museum in Bentenchō. This museum has now closed and has been merged with the Umekōji roundhouse and reopened as the Kyōto Railway Museum in a modernised facility on the Umekōji museum site.
By Tony Atkins

Ōigawa Railway and Museum

The most famous steam operated railway in Japan.
By Tony Atkins

Kyūshū Railway Museum, Mojikō

JR Kyūshū's museum.
By Tony Atkins

Ōme Railway Park

Tōbu Railway Museum

Museum of the Kantō region's largest private railway.
By Tony Atkins

Ōmi Railway Museum, Hikone

Museum of Seibu's sister railway in Shiga Prefecture.
By Tony Atkins

SL & Piano Museum

Edo Open Air Architechture Museum

By Tony Atkins

Hiroshima City Transport Museum

Sapporo City Transport Museum

Chichibu Railway Rolling Stock Park

Nagoya Subway Museum

Tokyū Train and Bus Museum

Museum of Private Operator of railways and bus routes in West Tōkyō & Kanagawa prefecture.

Hokkaidō Railway Technical Hall

A list of Smaller Museums

General Items

Chōshū Five Sesquicentennary

A brief report covering event in which the JRS participated in co-operation with the Japanese Embassy in London.
By Richard Tremaine

The Blue Ribbon and Laurel Awards

A brief introduction of two annual awards given to new trains launched in the year.

Classification System of JR Group (formerly JNR/JGR) Locomotives and Rolling Stock

by Edward Talbot

The JRS at Japan Day in Liverpool 2013

A brief photo report of our stand at this exhibition.
By Anthony Leith

Hiroshima - Japan's Largest Tramway System

By Oliver Mayer.

Memory of Old Bullet Train Tunnel

An episode of the Bullet Train's Nihonzaka Tunnel and its adjoining old coastal tunnels.
By Hiroshi Naito.

Fukui Railway

Amazing old trams in Hokuriku By Oliver Mayer

Survey of Hokkaido's rolling stock

Hokkaido has always been home to rolling stock not found elesewhere in Japan.
By Peter Dibben.

Railway Scenery

One part of attraction of railways is triumphs of civil engineering such as large scale embankments, deep cuttings, and magnificent viaducts, making up stunning spectacles.
By Minoru Shinozaki.

The Kominato Railway, blessed with Sakura

Brief introduction of a private railway running in a rustic area on the Boso peninsula near Tokyo.
By Kiyohito Utsnomiya

The Keihin-Tohoku Line

By Hiroshi Naito.

Tramways in a Cold Climate

Hakodate and Sapporo
A travellogue of Hakodate and Sapporo tramways in Hokkaido.
By Colin Brown.

Matsumoto Electric Railway Kamikochi Line

A brief introduction of a private railway running in pure Shinshu scenery
By Hiroshi Naito.

Meitetsu Tanigumi, Ibi, Yaotsu & Takehana Lines

Excursion to Four Doomed Meitetsu Tanigumi, Ibi, Yaotsu & Takehana Lines in September 2001
By Hiroshi Naito

'Cabbage Patch' Line

The Choshi Dentetsu in Eastern Chiba Prefecture.
By Colin Brown.

Railways in Northern Kyushu

Northern Kyushu is an area with interesting trains. Oliver introduces the area's rail network and train services in depth.
By Oliver Mayer.

Cab Ride at Home

Train simulation software overview,
By Adrian Cybriwsky

The Final Days of Steam in Yamatagata Prefecture

Minoru Shinozaki's dear memory of steam.

JR Rolling Stock Workshop Open Day

Photo report of the 2000 open day of JR Kamakura Rolling Stock Workshop & 1999 Oi workshop open day
By Hiroshi Naito

Way Out West In Japan

A trip through to western-most railway station on Matsuura Railway in Kyushu.
By W. A. Pearce

Hokuriku Delights

Visits to Fukui Interurban and Takaoka Tram.
By Keith Barnes

Japanese Railway Ships

This article reports of the history and the background of the railway ferries once plied the waters around Japan. By W.A. Pearce

Feel the Breeze through the Open Window

A retrospective story of diesel locomotive hauled passenger trains.
By Minoru Shinozaki

October 2000 JRS Japan Member's Excursion to Tenyu-Futamata Roundhouse

A report of one of the Japanese Railway Society's regular activities.
By Hiroshi Naito

New Rail Linkage at Meguro in Tokyo

An article on the Tokyu Railway's Meguro Line around the time of its opening in 2000.
By Hiroshi Naito

About Tsugaru and Konan Railways

Two private regional railways operate in the northernmost prefecture of the main Japanese island of Honshu in the Tohoku region.
By Claude Biname

Meitetsu to Hon-Ibi and Tanigumi

A brief introduction of Nagoya Railway's two branch lines running veteran tramcars.
By Anthony Robins

Suhafu-32 Old Coach on Chichibu Railway

By Hiroshi Naito.

Farewell Kambara Railway

An introductory report of the Kambara Railway in Niigata Prefecture, a reminder of railways in yesteryear.
By Hiroshi Naito

Chance meeting

Minoru Shinozaki's old steam images in monochrome #2.
By Minoru Shinozaki

Iida Line's Special "Torokko Family"

Introduction of a special train hauled by a vintage electric engine on a rural branch.
By Hiroshi Naito

Remembrance of Steam in Hokkaido in the early 1970s

Minoru Shinozaki's old steam images in monochrome.
By Minoru Shinozaki

Semaphores on the Kosaka Railway and JR Hanawa Line

Remnants of British signal practice still remain in the northern part of main island of Japan off the main lines.
By Hiroshi Naito

Wooden Roundhouse at Tenryu-Futamata

A photo report of an old roundhouse that still remains on a regional third sector line in Shizuoka prefecture.
By Hiroshi Naito

Skyliner and Narita-Express

By Oliver Mayer

At Yokokawa

Yokokawa on the Shinetsu main line, being situated at the bottom of the steeply grading section over the Usui Pass, was long a strategical point with banking locomotives. Written just before this section was abandoned in 1997.
By Hiroshi Naito

D&RG Passenger Car in Japan

A photo report of a 1900 built wooden passenger car from the U.S. found in Japan near Tokyo. It is used for an office of a used car business, but is kept in pretty good shape.
By Hiroshi Naito

Narrow Gauge Electrics in Japan

The Kintetsu Hokusei, Utsube and Hachioji Lines.
By Keith Barnes

You are only a true railfan if...

By former JRS member Dave Fossett

Shizuoka Train Festa

A photo report of the Shizuoka Train Festa, an annual model railway show, held at the Shizuoka Convention and Arts Centre "Granship".
By former JRS Member Dave Fossett

JR Omiya Works Open Day - 25 May 2002

Dave Fossett's photo report of rolling stock exhibited at JR Omiya Works on its open day.

Photos from 1999

A collection of old photos from the first 3 months of 1999.
by Hiroshi Naito