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Bullet-In Magazine

The JRS offers its members a full-colour quarterly journal called “Bullet-In” with 48 pages A5 size. The journal is the only regular publication not in Japanese, that is completely about Japanese Railways. Regular features include Chairman’s Chat, News Update and Model-In. The magazine catersbulletin114 for fans of the prototype and models, old and new. Contributions are welcome and should be sent to our Chairman. Our magazine is available via subscription only.


The Japanese Railway Society produces a series of videos. Some, in co-operation with Keio Teito Electric Railways, feature aspects of that company’s operations. Others, filmed by Anthony Robins and Oliver Mayer, take a thematic look at various types of operation, including freight and trams.

AGM & Other Activities

The JRS holds its AGM in the London, usually in May but is subject to change. The AGM date is always announced in the journal and on our Events page. In Europe, there are several informal meetings throughout the year mostly in London & South-East England but also in other locations. In Japan, there are several informal meetings and weekend tours occurring, typically in the Kantō-Chūbu-Kansai areas, occasionally venturing further afield. Visitors from other regions are always welcome to join.


The society has organised many successful tours to Japan:

in 1994 (October) – covering Tōkyō to Kyūshū
in 1996 (March/April) – covering Kansai to Hokkaidō
in 1997 (October) – covering Tōkyō to Kyūshū
in 1998 (March/April) – covering Tōkyō to Kyūshū
in 2000 (March/April) – covering Tōkyō to Kyūshū
in 2001 (August) – primarily covering Hokkaidō
in 2003 (March/April) – covering lines from Tōkyō to Kagoshima.
in 2005 (March) – covering the Kansai area and Kyūshū
in 2005 (October/November) – covering Tōkyō to Yamaguchi and Toyama
in 2007 (March/April) – covering Tōkyō to Hiroshima, Matsue and Nagano
in 2008 (March/April) – covering Tōkyō to Kyūshū and Amano-Hashidate
in 2009 (September) – covering Tōkyō to Kyūshū
in 2011 (May) – covering Tōkyō to Yamaguchi, plus Matsumoto and Shikoku
in 2013 (September/October) – covering Tōkyō to Tōhoku and Hokkaidō
in 2016 (March/April) – assisting the Railway Touring Company (UK) Japan 2016 tour

There is also an annual & informal ‘Veteran’s Tour’ where many of our long-term members journey around the rails of Japan, often selecting an area in particular and occasionally taking a side-trip to areas of rail interest in other parts of Asia. This annual tour usually takes place in the first half of each year.
Please contact our Chairman for further details if you would like more information about these informal tours.

*Please make sure to remove the protective prefix of ‘iyayospam’ for the correct email address before sending it by clicking the button below.

People who joined the 2003 tour, taken at the workshop of the Iyo Railway in Matsuyama city in Shikoku.

Members of our 2014 Veteran’s Tour of Hokkaidō discuss the rest of the day’s agenda at Oshamambe.