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The Japanese Railway Society (JRS) was founded in 1991 in London to promote the knowledge of the railways of Japan in the UK & other non-Japanese-speaking parts of the world.
Since 1991, there have been several activities like exhibitions (also of railway models), a TV-show (on Naruhodo The World, Fuji TV), many meetings in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and many guided tours to and meetings in Japan. Our membership is now more than 200 people in over 10 countries worldwide.

Prof. Rod Smith



Anthony Robins

Chairman / Editorial Board Member

Billy Bunda

Modelling Secretary

Peter Dibben

Treasurer & Membership Secreatary / Sales

Geoff Brown

Committee Member

Oliver Mayer

Editorial Board Member

Mike Joynt

Editorial Board Member

Anthony Leith


Ryu Takahashi